1. Very peaceful and tranquil

    From our first conversation over the phone, I knew I'd  finally found the possibility of a great massage therapist. When I arrived for my appointment the atmosphere  was very peaceful and tranquil. I immediately felt right at home. The place was very clean and smelled absolutely wonderful. Denise has a very warm personality. She makes you feel very special and genuinely happy that you chose her …Read More

    Andrea D
  2. Bringing me peace!

    As a full-time Compliance Analyst who also goes to graduate school, I don't have the time or energy for discomfort or limited motion. When I had a particularly painful flair-up of fibromyalgia, I made an emergency appointment with Denise. Within 3 visits, I was sleeping peacefully throughout the night and regained almost all of my range of motion. She has set-up an affordable maintenance plan that…Read More

    Joslyn Ginn
  3. Absolutely the best…..

    I thought I'd had good massages until I meet Denise.  You are welcomed by this beautiful warm smile, hug and then asked "What are your needs?  Anything happening in your body I need to address".  Denise has magical hands. She listens to your body.  Absolutely the best.....…Read More

    Julia E
  4. You will not regret it!!!

    I've gotten in the mode that if someone has treated me with exceptional service that I write a review so that others can read about it. About a month ago, I decided to start treating myself to a massage once a month. I found a groupon for Massage by Denise and went onto her website and also read reviews others gave her. I was excited to book my appointment.  Upon entering the door, Denise greeted…Read More

    Veronica E
  5. Amazing talent

    Denise has an amazing talent for providing therapeutic massage to meet your individual needs.  I am so happy to have found her.  Visit her and your muscles will thank you.  She's also a very sweet, genuine person who has a passion for her job that really shines through her work.…Read More

    Melinda M
  6. Always does a great job

    When you get up from Denise Leslie's massage table after an hour of body work, chances are you'll feel like your spirit has been cleansed, caressed, and left to wile away a few lazy hours on some ethereal hammock. Yes, she's that good. I had my first massage years ago, and as a fairly active person - I run and work out regularly - I'm prone to the typical aches and cramps that come along with the …Read More