Sports Cupping

What Is Sports Cupping? How Does It Help?

Sports Cupping is the use of traditional Chinese cupping in modern Sports Therapy. It combines the knowledge of physical therapy with the Traditional Chinese Medicine to help athletes recover faster from training as well as improve overall performance. The continued use of this therapy by top athletes such as Michael Phelps, attest to its effectiveness. Sports Cupping helps by increasing the blood flow in specific areas which assist in muscle recovery. It also loosens the fascia, which allows the muscle to move more smoothly and reduces stiffness as well as move the lactic acid out of the muscles to reduce inflammation.

What Are Those Bruises? Will They Hurt?


Medical & Sports Massage’s cupping therapy uses suction cups that pulls at the muscles. This suction does create approximately 2 inch diameter bruises on the cupping areas which are normal. These will diminish after approximately 2-3 days and should not prevent you from completing your daily activities.

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