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We Are Medical & Sports Massage And Cryotherapy

Welcome to Medical & Sports Massage, where we have the best interest of our patients and their care at all times. Our therapists maintain the highest standards of professional conduct, providing services ethically and professionally.

We listen to our patients and align their goals with a unique treatment plan. We enjoy watching our patients' transformation to wellness by facilitating clinical massage and cryotherapy. That is the core of who we are.

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sports massage

Sports Massage

Our approach to Sports Massage is specific to your sport and the role you play in that sport. We treat a football linebacker different than we would treat a cyclist. Regular sports massage will allow you, or your athlete to perform better & train harder. With regular sports massage therapy, muscle fiber adhesions decrease taking pressure off the spine, and pelvis. Trigger points will be released, joint inflammation & muscle inflammation will decrease, and range of motion is increased. Feeling stiff? Feeling tight? Can't touch your toes? Sports massage is what you need!

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Medical Massage - Atlanta

Medical Massage

Medical massage is a clinical approach to massage therapy which applies many medical massage modalities that have been proven by science to treat certain pathologies, chronic pain syndromes, acute injury, & disease in the body. We also treat oncology patients, patients getting ready for surgery, and post-operation patients. Treating medical conditions through massage allows most individuals to have better quality of life. Feeling sluggish? Feeling fatigued? Not metabolizing? Depressed? Feeling anxious? Medical massage is for you!

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Cryotherapy is cold therapy that uses Medical Nitrogen Gas. The temperatures range from -33 to -185 Celsius. As Medical Professionals, we use cryotherapy on massage's clinical and sports sides. For athletes, regular cryotherapy helps muscles restore from overuse and also reduces inflammation in your muscles, joints, and internal organs. Clinical cryotherapy helps with reducing high pain levels so that a massage therapist can administer physical therapy. If you suffer from pain and stiffness, cryotherapy is for you!

The treatment can help you to train harder and perform better by accelerating the healing process and enhancing recovery time between workouts. Additionally, cryotherapy has been shown to reduce pain in those suffering from arthritis by numbing the affected area and reducing inflammation.

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Sports cupping.png

Sports Cupping

Our knowledgeable staff utilizes sports cupping at Medical Sports Massage to assist our clients. In lay terms, this process creates suction on the skin, which improves blood flow, reduces inflammation, and encourages relaxation to target specific areas of the body to provide individualized treatment plans that cater to our client's particular needs. Whether your goal is to enhance athletic performance, prevent injuries, or relieve pain, our sports cupping therapies can help. Rely on our experienced therapists to provide you with the most effective treatment and care.

The picture above depicts a sports cup. The client had soft tissue tightness in the basketball player's latissimus dorsi muscle due to a rib injury. The following day, he returned to the court thanks to a sports cup and cryotherapy through Medical & Sports Massage.

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Medical & Sports Massage offers a 15 minute consultation to discuss your goals, administer orthopedic assessment, and discuss the proper treatment plan.

  • The 60 minute therapeutic massage will be 60 minutes +15 minute consult.
  • The 90 minute therapeutic massage will be 90 minutes +15 minute consult.

A deposit of $35.00 is required. This deposit will be held for the first appointment as commitment for the appointment time. The deposit can be reused as long as there is a minimum 24 hour cancellation prior to your appointment.

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Pre Natal and Post Natal Massage Therapy

We offer Pre Natal and Post Natal Massage therapy services which provide a range of benefits for both mothers and babies. Scientific studies have shown that mothers who receive massage during pregnancy are less likely to experience postpartum depression and have a natural delivery, while babies are less likely to have colic and sleep better at night.

Our skilled therapists utilize safe and effective techniques to address the specific needs of expecting and new mothers, helping them to relax, reduce stress, and alleviate discomfort.

deep tissue massage-Georgia

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep-tissue massage is a therapeutic method that focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue and fascia, releasing chronic muscle tension, reducing inflammation, and allowing for greater mobility. This type of massage involves applying firm pressure and slow-moving strokes to target muscle groups, promoting the removal of adhesions, knots, and trigger points that can give rise to pain.

Numerous medical studies have proven the deep tissue massage's many benefits. It can help reduce chronic pain, lower blood pressure, relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression, and enhance immune function and healing. Because of its positive effect on circulation, deep-tissue massage has also been shown to increase serum levels of emotional well-being and help facilitate recovery from muscle and tissue injuries.

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Senior Massage Service

Our senior massage services are designed to provide numerous benefits to our elderly patients. At Medical Sports Massage, we understand that seniors may require specialized care due to physical limitations and specific health conditions.

As a result, we offer our senior massage services, which cater to patients who require massage for people with disabilities, lymphatic drainage sessions, scar tissue release, stretching education sessions, musculoskeletal alignment, cranial therapy, range of motion sessions, and chronic fatigue.

Hands To Heal

Cancer Survivor/Fighter Massage Therapy Program

Medical & Sports Massage is proud to partner with the East Georgia Cancer Coalition in the Hands To Heal (Healing Hands) massage therapy program. Healing Hands is a massage therapy program that offers massage sessions to underinsured, uninsured, and/or financially constrained cancer survivors or individuals who are currently undergoing cancer treatment (fighters).

The goal of Hands To Heal is to increase community access to massage therapy services by reducing out-of-pocket costs. Healing Hands participants receive a series of massage therapy sessions at no cost to them. By receiving massage therapy, survivors’ and fighters’ quality of life and overall sense of well-being can increase.

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