Reflexology is very relaxing and may be an effective way to alleviate stress.

The theory behind reflexology is that meridians and specific pressure points in our feet correspond to organs and systems of the body. Proponents believe that pressure applied to these areas affects the organs and benefits the person’s health.

Reflexologists use foot charts to guide them as they apply pressure to specific areas. We can also use hot stones, cold stones, foam roller balls, and aroma therapy to assist in our work. Depending on your goals and what you want to accomplish in your session.

Several studies funded by the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health indicate that reflexology may reduce pain and psychological symptoms, such as anxiety and depression, and enhance relaxation and sleep. Studies also show that reflexology may have benefits in palliative care of people with cancer.

At Medical & Sports Massage we use reflexology to treat a wide variety of medical conditions, such as asthma, diabetes, irritable bowel, inflamed bowel, many digestive issues, stress and anxiety, addictive behavior, heart dysfunction, However, scientific evidence is lacking to support this work because the medical studies have not happened as of yet, but Denise is passionate about working with her physicians to start with new studies so she can prove her theories- stay tuned and write reviews on how your session improved your quality of life!

Reflexology is generally considered safe, there is no risk or contraindication to prevent one from enjoying a session.

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