Our Story

Denise Leslie, a Sandy Springs-based medical and sports massage therapist, has witnessed firsthand the profound impact of stress and anxiety on young people. Driven by deep compassion and a belief in holistic healing, Denise founded Hands to Heal GA, a program dedicated to helping cancer patients and underserved youth manage stress and find balance through the power of therapeutic touch, movement, and mindfulness.

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The Hands To Heal Philosophy

The Hands to Heal program addresses the interconnected nature of mind and body, recognizing how life's challenges impact both emotional and physical well-being. We offer tools for self-awareness and healing. This includes specialized techniques like lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling, improve circulation, and promote overall well-being.

Through targeted massage participants:

Identify and release physical tension

Understand their body’s stress response mechanisms

Learn relaxation techniques to manage anxiety and promote a greater sense of calm

The Program in Action


Medical & Sports Massage is proud to partner with the East Georgia Cancer Coalition in the Healing Hands massage therapy program. Healing Hands is a massage therapy program that offers massage sessions to under-insured, uninsured, and/or financially constrained cancer survivors or individuals who are currently undergoing cancer treatment (fighters).

The goal of Healing Hands is to increase community access to massage therapy services by reducing out-of-pocket costs. Healing Hands participants receive a series of four massage therapy sessions at no cost to them. By receiving massage therapy, survivors’ and fighters’ quality of life and overall sense of well-being can increase.

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Hands To Heal Stress & Anxiety Syndrome Community Youth Program

We are expanding our nonprofit organization to help youths struggling with stress and anxiety disorders. With your help, we can change the lives of so many young people who need education, help, and support in dealing with these issues.

Hands to Heal is launching a youth program where we will be working with these underserved members of our community on a weekly basis. Our mission is to demonstrate how massage therapy, meditation, and yoga education can change the lives of many young people, teaching them ways to better address and manage their stress and anxiety.

We are grateful for any donation, big or small, towards this program. Supporters can sponsor individual youth program patients as well as consider corporate sponsorship opportunities. Together we can all make an impact on the well-being of our future leaders!

Hands to Heal: A Complement to Other Therapies

The Hands to Heal program is designed to offer supportive care alongside conventional medical and psychological treatments. It has two dedicated components: one provides complimentary massage therapy to cancer patients, aiming to improve their well-being during treatment, and another focuses on assisting youths with stress and anxiety through therapeutic techniques and education.

Both segments emphasize stress management, enhancing self-awareness, and nurturing the mind-body connection without intending to replace standard care practices.

Long-Term Goals of the Program

Hands to Heal goes beyond immediate stress relief. We aim to equip youth with the tools and understanding to manage stress independently throughout their lives. By learning relaxation techniques, understanding their stress triggers, and developing a sense of bodily awareness, they build resilience skills that will serve them long into the future.


Sponsorship Details


Sponsor a Program Member for 1 month $360

Sponsor a Program Member for 3 months $1080

Sponsor a Program Member for 6 months $2160

Sponsor 10 Program Members for 3 months $10,800

Sponsor 10 Program Members for 6 months $21,600


Fill out the form below or email Smitha at sahamed@eastgeorgiacancer.org

You will receive 3 documents to complete and send back. Once they have been received, Medical & Sports Massage will contact you to schedule your first session.


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