Contrast Treatment

What Is Contrast Therapy? How Does It Help?

Contrast therapy, also known as immersion therapy or hot/cold immersion, is a treatment that involves exposing the body to a contrast of temperatures, specifically, extreme heat and extreme cold. Using the concept of vasodilatation (which occurs in the heat) and vasoconstriction (which occurs in the cold), this treatment results in alternating the blood from flowing to the internal organs and extremities, which may help reduce swelling, inflammation, enhance your sleep, improve circulation, relieve depression and provide an overall sense of well-being.

What Is A Contrast Treatment?

Medical & Sports Massage’s Contrast Treatment includes heat therapy via our clay Hydroculator packs, cold therapy via our Cryotherapy service, and de-inflammation therapy via our sports cupping service (For more information on Sports Cupping, visit the Sports Cupping page on the Services Tab).

How Long Does It Take?

A Contrast Treatment generally takes no more than 30 minutes. Each rotation of the hot and cold treatments, along with the cupping therapy, should not expose your body to extreme temperatures for long periods of time. To effectively treat your ailments, each rotation takes no more than 10 minutes each.

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