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*  Medical massage may require a prescription from your doctor or the specialist who is treating your symptoms. Please be prepared to answer questions at the time of making your appointment

 Sports Massage    

Sports massage uses a combination of deep and light modalities and NMT to loosen muscle adhesions and release trigger points (knots) in dysfunctional muscle tissue. Our therapists strive to work with each client's individual workout schedule and goals to maximize their performance and recovery. Consistent sports massage is essential for every athlete to get the most out of their body, every time.


- Advanced Sports Massage (Teens & Adults
- Structural Analysis Charting
- Deep Tissue Massage
- Trigger Point Massage
- Lymphatic Drainage Massage
- Sports Cupping
- Suction Cuppung


- Prevent Injuries
- Promote Healthy Recovery
- Reduce Inflammation
- Improve Pain Cycle
- Improve Range of Motion
- Injury Recovery
- Improve Body's Recovery Ability


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Ionic Foot Detox

Our professional detoxification treatment helps totally purify your body, enabling it to heal itself. As the foot bath relaxes you, it also cleans, enhances, and balances the energy of your body.

Used to enhance both your mental and physical energy, your vitality and stamina can start to increase once our ionic foot bath is complete. Purging your body of all toxins, radiation synthetics, chemicals, and pollutants, we assure you that you’ll feel like a healthier and more alive person once the foot detox is complete.

While being comfortable seated, your body will be detoxified in a tub of warm water. The entire process utilizes positive and negative ions to expel any toxins from your body. Many notice the water quickly changing color according to the kinds of impurities hiding in your body which are being released. So let us help balance your body’s pH levels with our trusted Ionic Foot Detox. We guarantee you like the results, and are satisfied with the way you feel once the process is finished.