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Medical Sports Massage Online Store - view our most popular massage therapies, our latest specials, or purchase a gift card.

Welcome to our Online Store. Our massage therapists cater to individuals in search of effective pain relief, sports injury recovery, and peak athletic performance.

Feel free to explore our most popular massage therapies or consider purchasing a gift card to share the gift of therapeutic wellness with your loved ones. Our massage therapists cater to individuals in search of effective pain relief, sports injury recovery, and peak athletic performance.

Massage - 60 Minutes:

This therapy offers targeted relief for those dealing with muscle tension, stress, or chronic discomfort. It's perfect for individuals seeking a therapeutic solution to alleviate pain and enhance mobility.

Massage - 90 Minutes:

Ideal for those who require an extended session to address deeper muscle issues and enhance overall well-being. This therapy is excellent for athletes, individuals with chronic pain, or anyone needing thorough rejuvenation.


Our cryotherapy treatment is specifically designed to reduce inflammation, accelerate recovery, and relieve pain. It's an excellent choice for athletes and individuals recovering from injuries.

Contrast Treatment:

This therapy combines hot and cold sensations to invigorate the body, making it ideal for those seeking enhanced vitality, improved circulation, and relief from muscle soreness.

Massage - 120 Minutes:

Our 2-hour massage session is a comprehensive experience designed to reset both body and mind. It's ideal for individuals seeking deep relaxation, pain relief, and thorough rejuvenation.

Sports Cupping:

Geared towards athletes and active individuals, sports cupping helps alleviate muscle tension, enhance blood flow, and optimize athletic performance. It's suitable for anyone looking to boost their physical performance.


Experience the holistic benefits of reflexology, which is perfect for promoting balance, reducing stress, and improving circulation. It's a great choice for those seeking a holistic approach to wellness.

Massage - 30 Minutes:

Perfect for those with limited time but in need of targeted relief. This therapy is suitable for quick stress relief or addressing specific areas of tension.


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