Our Story

We Are Medical & Sports Massage And Cryo-Therapy

Welcome To Medical & Sports Massage, where we have the best interest of our clients at all times. Our therapists maintain the highest standards of professional conduct, providing services ethically and professionally about our clientele, business associates, health care professionals and in public. We listen to our clients and align their goals with the treatment. We enjoy watching our clients transformation by our work, and it gives us a dose of bliss. That is the core of who we are- Being a Witness to the work that is AMAZING!

Our Work

While we are working with our clients, their mind shifts to a state of relaxation while we work on them. This allows the body to start detoxing the cells, cleaning up the system, calming down the nerve signals is the skill of all of our practitioners. When the body is igniting this way the spirit becomes inspired and motivated.

We work because our clients and community value our high quality service – they depend on us for pain relief, home care, health education, and positive energy.

A negative interaction is not acceptable – Everything we do, say, and recommend we do so at the greatest good of ourselves and our clients.

We make it easy for our community to trust us and choose us – by listening anticipating and responding to their needs. We are experts in our field and can explain our work clearly and accurately. We are accountable and follow through with a sense of urgency. We know that having the highest ethical standard is our competitive advantage.

We know that team work enables us to serve our clients and community more efficiently.

  • We embrace diversity and personal development; we encourage each other every day to be our best selves and grow as individuals- our accomplishments drive us.
  • We respect and trust one another, communicating openly and candidly – we don’t need witnesses or a paper trail to manage our relationships with each other.
  • We believe that integrity is the core of who we are. That establishes the trust that is critical to the relationship we have.

We stay committed to doing the right thing and follow sound business practices when dealing with our clients- suppliers-investors- and last but not least, our competitors-

Our competitors are not our enemies- They challenge us-We will share our success with our community-

We all must understand that being the biggest is not our strength but being the best IS! Quality over Quantity is what we believe here at Medical & Sports Massage.

Our daily actions produce measurable results.

At Medical & Sports Massage, You Will Receive

  • A postural analysis to identify where to focus during your sessions
  • Therapeutic home care plan
  • Valuable information to improve and correct your posture and gait
  • If there is a need for a specialized approach, we may recommend a session with another one of our massage therapists or another integrative health practitioner

Your Health And Wellness Is Our Top Priority.

At Medical and Sports Massage Inc., we stay current on medical studies through our strong commitment with Emory Healthcare here in Atlanta, GA. We all have worked on various medical studies ranging from anxiety and stress disorder to fibromyalgia to Lymphatic drainage for oncology patients at Emory hospital. Each massage therapist continues to stay current the latest health and wellness information through research and continued education from the best education providers across the US. We have referring physicians that support our medical massage practice, and who encourage their patients to seek our guidance and massage to regain their health.

Each Therapist Is A Member Of AMTA, And We Are All Nationally Certified.

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