We are Medical Sports Massage and Cryo-Therapy

Welcome To Medical & Sports Massage, where we have the best interest of our clients at all times. Our therapists maintain the highest standards of professional conduct, providing services ethically and professionally about our clientele, business associates, health care professionals and in public. We listen to our clients and align their goals with the treatment. We enjoy watching our clients transformation by our work, and it gives us a dose of bliss. That is the core of who we are- Being a Witness to the AMAZING work!

Our Work:

While we are working with our clients, their mind shifts to a state of relaxation while we work on them. This allows the body to start detoxing the cells, cleaning up the system, calming down the nerve signals is the skill of all of our practitioners. When the body is igniting this way the spirit becomes inspired and motivated.

Our Testimonials

"Great Place"

“A great place to get loosen up. I’m a bodybuilder and never done a deep tissue. So I went to MSM, and they offered more than what I expected with great pricing. I got deep tissue massage, cupping, and cryotherapy. Afterward, I was so sleepy from all the relaxation. Thanks to Lexa for helping me book my appointment and her great greetings and attitude and helping me with everything and Denise for giving me the best massage of my life!”

Ali K.


“I have had serious back pain for about two years. My daughters surprised me with a medical massage for my birthday. They found the place, and we’d never heard of them. We drove a little over an hour and please listen to me. This was life-changing. I don’t just feel a little better; I feel pain-free. I will be back, often.”

Lisa S.