National Institute of health statistic indicates that 80% of adults ages 30-60 in the US have reported low back pain, in addition adults ages 50-60 reported chronic muscle tension.

Mild discomfort to intense and debilitating pain, dull or sharp localized diffuse intermittent, or constant pain, muscle tenderness ache or spasm, sharp shooting or stabbing pain, stiffness or limited range of motion. Radiating pain of sciatica. Clients that seek massage therapy to help alleviate their lower back pain are making a wise choice.

There are muliple structural systems that intersect in the lower back, so stress, strain or damage in one or more systems can lead to pain. The lower L1-L5 vertebrae, sacrum, the coccyx, and their attached musculature are the sights where low back pain is experienced.

Between each pair of vertebrae is an intervertebral disc, a thick pad of cartilage that cushions the bones from shocks and prevents them from rubbing against one another. Ligaments attach bones to bones and tendons attach bones to muscles. The Gluteal muscles are responsible for bringing the body in a standing postiton. The abdominal muscles are the flexors attached to the back of the lower spine, and they allow flexing, arching the back or bending over. the obliques are attached to the sides of the spine and are resposible for rotation.

All of my clients express to me my massage approach has given them significant help with their low back pain by decreasing the tension in the low back, reducing their pain in the low back and through out their bodies allowing them to enjoy their lives with more joint and muscle mobility.

As your massage therapist I encourage, and teach stretching, home care, body mechanics, and how to develop new habits.


About The Author

Denise Leslie is a powerhouse mother, entrepreneur, and advocate for pain-free living. With a passion for healing and promoting health and wellness, As a dedicated therapist, Denise is committed to empowering others on their journey to optimal well-being. She understands the importance of community support and never stops serving those around her.