What you need to know

1. Call your provider

We do not directly bill insurance, clients are expected to pay for their services and be reimbursed by their insurance based on their coverage. So, the first step is to check with your healthcare provider and to understand your plan and coverage option as it relates to massage therapy.

2. Ask about your deductible

Understand what your deductible means and how much it is before assuming that insurance will cover your massage sessions. Your deductible is the amount of money you must pay out of pocket before an insurance provider will pay any expenses, so be aware of the status of your deductible before assuming insurance will pay for your massage.

3. Ask about your massage coverage

As mentioned, our clients are expected to pay us for their service at the time of service and be reimbursed by their insurance companies later, so it is important to understand what percentage of your service is actually going to be covered by your insurance before making a purchase of a service. Coverage is different for every individual and healthcare plan, so we ask that our clients have an understanding of what percentage they will be paying for before their purchase to prevent unexpected expenses.

4. Submitting to insurance 

Once you have completed and paid for your service, our team will create a Superbill, which outlines the treatment provided and necessary information for your insurance company. We will send this to you to submit to insurance, where you will then be reimbursed based on your deductible and coverage.