Cryo-therapy is the treatment of pain using a freezing method to deaden irritated nerves and release inflammation from the muscle. During whole body cryo-therapy, you are placed in a standing chamber, while the temperature drops significantly, to promote healing of the body. This provides a quicker and more effective alternative to the traditional ice bath.

Cryotherapy Benefits:

Cryo-therapy promotes Athletic Recovery. It does this by decreasing muscle soreness. It actually accelerates muscle repair! Through cryo-therapy, you get increased blood circulation and a boosted energy and immune system. It also speeds the healing process before and after surgery. Physicians appreciate the benefits of cryotherapy from their patients.

Cryo-therapy is also very effective for pain management! The cold temperature reduces pain and inflammation. It also assists in quicker surgical recovery. The cryo-therapy method aids in treatment of arthritis, and other joint diseases. It can help provide relief from nerve pain.

Cryo-therapy is widely used for health and wellness. It can give the client better sleep, and decrease overall fatigue. It offers healthier skin, and serves as a natural detox process! Many users have even seen thicker and stronger hair, because cryotherapy does work as a cell regenerator and stimulates healing all over the body.

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