At Medical & Sports Massage Inc., we treat a variety of athletes with our massage therapy services. As massage therapists, we are intimately familiar with the many ways that massage can help athletes. One athlete in particular who can benefit from massage therapy is the runner, which is why we offer our runner’s relief massage. Runners can do a lot of damage to their knees and hips, so it is crucial that they take preventative steps such as massage. Here are some of the ways runners can benefit from massage therapy.

Less Muscle Pain

Perhaps the most obvious benefit, massage therapy is a great method of pain management. If you have recently increased your running routine, whether you are upping the intensity or running more miles, you may experience increased muscle soreness and fatigue, which are a result of lactic acid being released in your tissues. Over time, the tissue can become damaged by this, leading to more tightness and discomfort. When you receive a massage, the massage therapist will work to relax and loosen the muscle, reducing pain and preventing further damage.

Better Circulation

Massage is also beneficial to runners because it increases circulation. With improved circulation, your body can heal quicker. Running is stressful to the body, and without proper recovery, it could be a while before you are ready for your next workout. Promote speedy recovery by improving circulation in your legs through massage.

More Flexibility

When you are more flexible, you are able to run more efficiently by increasing your range of motion. Because massage improves circulation to your muscles, they are better able to stretch, and are less likely to become tight and sore.

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