1. What is Cryo-Therapy? Is Cryotherapy Good for my Medical Condition?

    Cryo-therapy is the treatment of pain using a freezing method to deaden irritated nerves and release inflammation from the muscle. During whole body cryo-therapy, you are placed in a standing chamber, while the temperature drops significantly, to promote healing of the body. This provides a quicker and more effective alternative to the traditional ice bath. Cryotherapy Benefits: Cryo-therapy promo…Read More

  2. What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

    Lymphatic Drainage Massage can be used for pre and post-Surgery. Lymphatic drainage massage increases lymphatic circulation and helps detoxify the body. It drains sluggish lymph nodes. What are the benefits of lymphatic drainage massage?  The purpose of lymphatic drainage is to cleanse and regenerate tissues and organs to promote balance of chemistry. It stimulates the movement of lymph and enco…Read More

  3. Medical Massage Benefits

    In the past, you may have associated massages with luxury spas and high-end sports clubs, but today, massage is available in a wide variety of settings. This is largely because we know that massage isn’t simply an indulgence anymore; massage can actually have a powerful transformative effect on your health. These days, many doctors will prescribe medical massage for their patients because there …Read More