A Wellness approach happens to be natural medicine: As a Massage practitioner, I like to refer to my work as functional movement and integrative medicine- The philosophy of natural medicine is a holistic model, with two cornerstones to health.

1- Balance
2- Wellness

In our physical, emotional, and mental areas, when we are functioning optimally and in harmony, we resonate energy, enthusiasm, and fulfillment in our lives! Whenever our balance and wellness cornerstones become overtaxed or under-nourished, we may notice a dimming in our capabilities and functioning. Fatigue can set in, and back pain comes into play compromising our energy. When this is ignored over time, apathy replaces enthusiasm and dissatisfaction can settle in. But when you can identify what is contributing to this, you can make corrections. Massage therapy plays a huge role in Balance and Wellness on all the planes: Physical, Emotional, and Mental.

From my massage perspective, addressing the sluggish lymph system is the best start, and the modality I use for all my clients to achieve a return to health and wellness!

My objective is to treat the whole “self” of the patient.

We use the whole-person approach to achieve total wellness. Deep Tissue massage is a great way to release congestion in the muscle groups, and relieve trigger points. Deep tissue massage is a process, and generally takes 6-12 months of regular massage to work out chronic tension, stored in the body over time. Deep tissue massage, integrated with lymphatic drainage, can help people detox, work out, and release pain stored in muscle groups.

Sports stretches: I recommend that sports stretches be used for athletes. This applies to people who run at least 10 miles a week, or work out 2-3 times a week. Sports stretches are much different than Thai massage stretches, or basic muscle stretches. Please ask our therapist what would be the right approach for your needs, and lifestyle. Treat your whole self with massage therapy. Call today and book your appointment toward wellness.