dreamstime_xxl_21014429MY SPECIALTY…..PUTTING IT ALL IN MOTION

Sports massage uses a combination of deep and light modalities and NMT to loosen muscle adhesions and release trigger points (knots) in dysfunctional muscle tissue. The greatest characteristics of my massage technique is my ability to tailor each massage to meet my client’s specific needs and help relieve their stress, pain, and muscle soreness.

golfcta11Golfer Relief: 60/or 90 minute massage focused on the key muscle groups that golfers use.

Focus on the lower back muscles because the golfer’s body must pivot at the hip. Massage will help to keep ligaments, joints, and muscles fibers in the lower extremities loose, and ready for the work ahead. (IT band, all muscles in the glutes, hamstring, and quad groups)

We move to the upper extremities, specifically the rotator cuff muscles, also known as (SITS), to get relief from specific muscle group NMT work. All the knee joints get friction. We work through the shoulder and neck muscles so that rotation at the neck and shoulders is effortless and pain free.

cyclectaCycle Relief: 60/ or 90 minute massage focused on key muscle groups that cyclist use.

We start with the gluteus muscles because this muscle group is the key to cyclist performance. Relief happens with slow muscle fiber stretching through all four muscles (gluteus max, min, medius, and piriformis). Together, we do Thai stretches for all lower extremity muscle groups, starting with hamstring, quad, glutes, and the psoas, which is a part of the abdominal group.

This is important because the abdominals along with the pectoralis muscles stay in a contracted state while the cyclists are riding. No worries; I also always treat the neck, back, and shoulders.

runnersreliefctaRunners Relief: 60 minute massage

Runners depend on powerful hip extensors and knee flexors. The low back is also important to runner’s performance. Stretching this muscle and ligaments are very important, so I use simple Thai stretches to start the work before I go into specific muscles of the lower extremities. We use hip rotation techniques to help the hip extensors stay loose and ready for the miles the runners put on their bodies. We work all the gluteus muscles, hamstrings, and quads. I do use my whole body approach so the neck and shoulders get great therapeutic massage as well.

footballcta11Football Relief: 90 minute/2 hour full body massage.

Football players need a full body approach because of the extensive training their bodies endure. Sports massage techniques are used on all muscle groups, as well as Thai massage and NMT.

During their training process, the muscle fibers need more time to penetrate. The tendons, joints, and ligaments need to be addressed along with muscle NMT.

basketballcta11Basketball Relief: 90/2 hour massage focused on lower and upper extremities.

Basketball players need a lot of tendon, joint, and ligament work along with muscle NMT. This sport most always creates hyper toxicity in shoulder muscles, so cross fiber work through the rotator muscles of the shoulder brings relief readily. Because of the coordination basketball players need, specific focus on the deep spinal stabilizers and rotators of spinal alignment is key. I do specific low extremity work as well. Deep tissue muscle stripping through hamstrings, quads, gluteus, and calf muscles. I also use my Thai stretching techniques for all my sports massage sessions.

IMG_4116Therapies Include:

  • Advanced sports massage for teens and adults
  • Structural analysis charting
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Trigger point massage

Medical Massage Benefits:

  • Clinical Depression:
    Massage increases serotonin and dopamine, the neurotransmitters that help reduce depression.
  • Digestion:
    Digestion is improved by the stimulating effects that massage has on the digestive organs. Relief of constipation and diarrhea can be aided by massage.
  • Absorption of Nutrients:
    Massage improves the tone of the small intestines. The small intestines is responsible for absorbing digested food molecules, minerals, and water as well.
  • Blood Pressure:
    Massage has significant positive changes in both the contraction and in therelaxation period of the heart. Over time with too much pressure in these functions of the heart vascular weakness and blood clots can occur.
  • Immune System:
    Massage increases white blood cells which play a large role in defending the body from disease.
  • Nervous System:
    Massage can take strain off of nerves by releasing tissue in spasm that surround the spine. Also the entire nervous system is invigorated due to improved circulation and nutrition.
  • Muscle System:
    Lactic acid, caused by exercise, sports activity, and overexertion is alleviated by massage restoring them to a healthier state sooner. Muscles spasms, tension, scar tissues, and adhesion (muscle knots) can be also be relieved.
  • Postural Health:
    The misaligned skeletal system can lead to fatigued, tight, achy muscles in the neck, back, arms and legs. Massage relaxes over contracted muscles, which can pull bones out of alignment.

IMG_4115Sport Massage Benefits:

  • Muscles prone to injury (muscles crossing two joints)
  • Mitochondria (the body’s energy generators)
  • Inflammation
  • Pain cycle
  • ROM
  • Flexibility
  • Injury prevention/recovery

Senior Massage Benefits:

  • Increased independence
  • Higher quality of life
  • Reduced inflammation-related joint pain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Injury prevention
  • Injury recovery