Whether you are seeking relaxation or your focus is relieving your pain, your objectives will be met. Together we will work to find a plan that fits your needs to create a session that is perfect for you.

Swedish- This is what people think of when they think of a spa massage. It uses long gliding strokes, deep muscles kneading, friction, and range of motion. It is a fluid moving massage.

Deep Tissue- This type of massage is muscle specific. (DT) increases the circulation to a problem area and helps to hydrate and promote healing and release tension in muscles.

Neuromuscular Treatment- Also known as NMT, is applied to work out chronic tension the muscle holds. It is used specifically to treat pain and pain patterns, and to unlock the reflexive trigger point patterns.( NMT is a process.)

Sports massage- is working specific muscle groups from attachment to insertion with cross fiber techniques, and friction. We friction around joints to break up scare tissue, and strip muscles to stretch the fibers. I will also apply ice, or heat, or both depending on what is going on with the muscle groups. I focus on the muscle groups that your sport uses the most to ensure you become a better athlete, and prevent injury.

Thai Massage- I practice Thai massage on the table. This technique is deep stretching, and compressions throughout your muscles, and ligaments. I integrate Swedish, and deep tissue into my Thai massage sessions.

Foot Reflexology has its origins in ancient oriental massage. Reflex points correspond to the organs and structures of the body. Reflexology promotes optimal organ and nerve function, as well as increasing lymphatic and circulatory flow and relaxation if the body, mind, and spirit.

Practicing Reiki can help becoming more calm and peaceful under stressful situations. The emotional benefits of Reiki include: being more positive, increased self awareness and being more in the present. Reiki may also be useful for medical conditions that may worsen by stress.